Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wow...three posts. This blog is on fire.

There are currently about 1000 projects going on inside my head, 20 of those have some kind of physical existence. The largest of the moment are the home theater and mame cabinet. Oh btw, if I didn't say in the exorbitant amount of posts below, my wife and I own a house now and have been building a home theater.

It has slowly been improving, from a new 1080p 3d capable 3000 lumen viewsonic projector a little over a year ago to the new reclining leather couches showing up in two days. The screen is getting worn. It used to be my portable projector setup screen, Velcro on the sides, folded and unfolded several times, stains and scratches on the surface are things that bother me...but apparently nobody else. That happens often as I understand.

The best way for me to explain these projects is through video, I get tired of and probably am not the best at explaining everything with text to the point that I am satisfied with its explanation.

So to you, the random ass person who is reading this, thank you. Maybe if you come back in a few days there might be something somewhat worth your time.

Wishful thinking,


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