Saturday, July 27, 2013

As would make sense for this blog, as there is currently no content worth anything, this will be an update for future readers to get a feel as to where everything stands.

My fiance' and I are currently renting a house, with no good space for a proper work bench. This is the main reason for me not building/hacking anything for several several months. The second reason is that there are currently very few funds available for the materials required for many of the projects I have listed in the previous post. Not only are we getting married in September, we are buying a house together. Anyone who has bought a house knows that it tends to eat up a large portion of your spare money. It is a good thing in the end though.

This house has the perfect space for a workbench for me. It will become the place that I build, record, and post all of my projects. I will also have a proper garage that will let me use and store some bigger tools, allowing some of my projects to expand. This excites me.

I have started recording all of my idea's in one place, and I post and record any information I find there that might improve or help the project in some way.

It will most likely be a few months down the road, but my next post will hopefully be from the new house and from the new work space. This will also include pictures for a change.

Until next time